Health and Safety

Health & Safety Chair:
VACANT — contact our VP
Telephone: 250-338-1461

NEW Health & Safety Reporting Program

The District has rolled out a NEW Health and Safety Reporting program.  You can access a Training Guide on the program here

If you need assistance filling out a Health and Safety report, please contact the union office.

Getting Hurt at Work

​The Workers Compensation Act and the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (OH&SR) are designed to protect workers by preventing workplace injury and disease. This page has information about being safe and healthy while at work. Information about broader supports for wellness and personal health can be found on our Wellness page.

  • If you suffer an injury at work, no matter how minor, advise the principal, vice-principal, or first aid attendant immediately. Fill out a Prismatic Health and Safety Report online (SD71/Portal/Prismatic). See your doctor and be sure to tell the doctor that the injury happened at work.
  • Report any incidents of violence or threats of violence to the principal or vice-principal. If the incident of violence or threat of violence is directed at you, treat the incident in the same way as you treat an injury at work.
  • Know that you have the right to refuse unsafe work. If you find yourself in any situation that you believe presents a risk of injury to yourself or any other person, remove students from the risk and advise the principal that you are refusing unsafe work.
  • You should contact your staff representative, health and safety representative, or CDTA office for advice and support.

Violent Incident Reporting Process

Violent Incident Reporting Process

Joint Health & Safety Committee

What is It?

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHS)”, definition: “The joint committee brings together representatives of the employer and the workers, to identify and help resolve health and safety issues in the workplace. The joint committee gives workers and employers a way to work together to identify and find solutions to workplace health and safety issues.

Important Documents for JOHS Committee

Worker Risk Reduction Plan TEMPLATE  – from Victoria School District (2020)

Violence Prevention & Worker Safety Manual – From Victoria School District (2020)

OH & S Principles for Principals – From WorkSafe

Refusal of Unsafe Work

Important Forms and Links