CDTA Teacher Retirements FAQ's for Retiring CDTA Teachers

    Congratulations from your CDTA on your retirement!

    Here are some common questions that retiring teachers ask:

    Information for CDTA Retiring Members – June 2023

    Join the BC Retired Teachers’ Association!

    Best Wishes for our 2023 Teacher Retirees!

    Congratulations to our 2022 Teacher Retirees!

    BC Retired Teachers' Association

    The Comox branch will provide a local hub for the several hundred BCRTA (BC Retired Teachers’ Association) members who live in the Comox Valley.

    Full BCRTA and Branch Membership is FREE for your first year to try it out!

    With lots of upcoming events, retirement information, program partners, extended health care benefits and travel insurance options ~ DON’T MISS OUT!! Lots of fun and wonderful support!

    BC Retired Teachers Association

    How to Maintain Your B.C. Teaching Certificate

    Pay your annual teaching certificate fee is $80 by May 31st every year (you can pay online).

    Your Teachers' Pension Plan

    Taxes, pension options, health coverage & community resources. The Teachers’ Pension Plan is here to support you throughout your retirement.

    Teachers Pension Plan

    Do you plan on becoming a TTOC here in SD71 after your retirement?

    Pay your annual teaching certificate fee is $80 by May 31st every year (you can pay online).

    • You’ll need to contact the HR Help Desk ( to get put onto the TTOC list.
    • Call them at 250-338-2388 to make an appointment or ask questions to TTOC in SD71.

    For those of you who are planning on being a TOC in retirement for SD71, please note that you are required to re-sign up to being a BCTF as you would be considered a new BCTF member.

    The BCTF will need this, so if you have put your name down to be a TTOC in our district, please complete the form and email back to me so that we can update our files.