Professional Development for SD71 (Comox Valley) Teachers

Flex Pro-D days in August

  • The Joint Pro D Committee has gathered a variety of engaging professional learning opportunities for the two FLEX pro d days scheduled during the last week of August – Tuesday, August 29th and Wednesday, August 30th. As these two days (10 hours of pro d) are FLEX days teachers can choose to participate fully, or partially or not at all as these days are optional. 
  • Your 10 hours of pro d (for a 1.0FTE) can be completed at any time between July 1st and February 28th, outside of regular instruction hours or designated PD days. This is so that you will be paid for our second week of spring break.  You will be asked to indicate on your yearly Professional Learning Plan form how you have spent, or plan to spend, those hours in professional learning.
  • Tuesday September 5th is a school-based non-instruction day. Teachers will be expected to be at their school sites to participate in this day.

Reminder for Provincial/District PD Day

  • If a teacher remains at their school/location of work to do pro-d – no form is needed. This includes teachers doing any online workshop as they remain within their regular classroom/work location.
  • If a teacher is going to be out of the Comox Valley school district (Victoria, Vancouver, Nanaimo) to do pro-d, you must put in absence in AMS ‘Pro-D Out Of District’ with destination & details and have your principal’s approval before the trip out of Comox Valley. ​NIDES distance teachers are an exception, as they already work out of Comox Valley. They simply need to ensure their principal knows what pro-d work they intend to do on Pro-D Day.
  • If a teacher is doing pro-d activities outside their school/ regular work location, but within the Comox Valley school district (another school, museum, etc.), they must complete an online self-directed form.

At the bottom of the online form, once you’ve completed filling out your pro-d plans, you need to copy the self-directed request to your principal (Supervisor) for approval and also your School PD Rep.

Teacher - Local Specialist Associations

The Pro-D Committee has funding available to support SD71 Local Specialist Associations (LSA).
If you would like to organize an LSA for SD71 please see the 5 steps below.
​The funds can be used to provide snacks for meetings, supplies, resources, day-care costs, thank you gifts for presenters, or even an honorariums.
Please contact if you have any questions or would like to create your own LSA!

5 Steps to set up your Local Specialist Association (LSA)
  • Email your LSA group name (examples: Library, Home Economics, Kindergarten, Counsellors, etc.).
  • Constitution/mission statement – brief goals for the LSA (just a couple of lines summarizing).
  • Give us a list of members/participants for your particular LSA.
  • Collect a small fee ($2- $10) from each member for costs/resources to run the meetings.
  • When you run out of funding from fees, you can utilize the $250 set up in your LSA with the Pro-D secretary @


Other PD Workshop Events:

OLTD is a great match for your teaching staff wishing to pursue graduate studies online and integrate blended learning and a technology-enhanced delivery model into their daily practice.